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Innis & Gunn

The Vision

One of the most exciting brewers in the UK today, Innis and Gunn are best-known for their aged oak beer - brews aged in Scottish whisky casks for a distinctive depth of flavour.

On the launch of their new lager and aged oak beer, they approached Angram to design and develop a unique beer font, incorporating the story of aged oak beer. It was important to make an impression - as a departure from their core range, the font had to reflect the rewarding experience of this new Helles-style lager and the heritage of their aged oak beer.

The Heritage

The Heritage:

We took our design cues from the industrial heritage of Edinburgh, where Innis and Gunn are based. A long history of engineering and high architecture make the city what it is today, and this is reflected in the detailed, precision-machined font.

Innis & Gunn | Image 1

The Results

As a contrast to the modern steel finish, the long middle section was replaced with oak, a nod to the aged oak beer customers know so well. The result is a traditional yet modern, precise yet organic font, where old and new are combined harmoniously as a whole. It’s fair to say these fonts stand out on any bar.

Innis & Gunn | Image 1

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