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Hand Pumps

  • Model CQ Hand Pump

  • Clamp On Hand Pump

  • Counter Mounting Hand Pump

  • Compact Cabinet Hand Pump

  • The Energy

  • Reconditioned Model CQ Hand Pump

  • Reconditioned Clamp On Hand Pump

Free Flow Equipment

  • Mid Liner

  • Low Liner

  • T Bar

  • Classic T Bar


  • Classic 1-Out

  • Classic 2-Out

  • Classic 3-Out

  • Classic 4-Out

  • Panther 1-Out

  • Panther 2-Out

  • Classic Short 3-Out

  • Semer Font

  • Swinsty Font

  • Thornton Font

  • Roundhill Font

  • Eyebrook Font

Home Bar Solutions

  • Ultimate Home Bar Solution

Spares And Accessories

Angram have chosen to only display key spares and extras, if there is a spare that you require which is not displayed please contact the sales team.

  • Sparklers

  • Cask Taps

  • Hose

  • Piston Seal Module

  • Seal Kit

  • Piston & Glass


  • CO Cylinder

  • CQ Cylinder

  • CM and CC Cylinder

Drip Trays And Brackets

Angram produce a range of drip trays, large white drip trays, the six" black drip tray with grill and 4" black drip tray with grill. Angram also provide drip tray holders for the full range of handpumps.

  • Small 6 Inch Drip Tray Holder for CC and CM Handpumps

  • Large White Drip Tray Holder for CC and CM Handpumps

  • Large White Drip Tray Holder for CQ and CO Handpumps

  • Small 6 Inch Black Drip Tray

  • Small 6 Inch Drip Tray Holder for CQ and CO Handpumps

  • Large White Drip Tray


  • Mahogany Handle

  • Long Oak Handle

  • Short Oak Handle

  • Off-White Porcelain Handle

  • White Porcelain Handle

  • Black Porcelain Handle


  • Extended Quarter Pint CQ (Northern Pour)

  • Extended Half Pint CO (Northern Pour)

  • Standard Counter Mounting (Southern Pour)

  • Extended Counter Mounting (Northern Pour)

  • Extended Compact Cabinet (Northern Pour)

  • Standard Compact Cabinet (Southern Pour)

  • Standard Quarter Pint (Southern Pour)